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Clamp for firmware controllers

Download free 3D printer model Clamp for firmware controllers, perinskiDownload free 3D printer model Clamp for firmware controllers, perinski

3D model description

alt Spolum Drums Promo CODE: thing-n44lol

#Clamp for firmware controllers

See the video for details:

And this video is a demonstration of the work of a teaching device for playing a musical drum.

More information about this musical instrument and the project can be found here:

# #Links to used components:

PS: Pogo Pin Connector 4 Pin , with such contacts it will turn out better, probably ... I will try another time ... I did it with those that were available...

# #Links to used tools:

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My some other things:

alt Stencil Printer

alt Microscope Stand alt Container for lens and filters alt Sanding Tool alt Stand Press alt Solder paste and flux Dispenser

alt Handle for Hand Drill alt Broken Clamp Repair alt Portable Magnetic Stirrer alt Rotary Tumbler alt Vibratory Washing Machine
alt Tripod GIANT alt Clamp for vertical use. Photo and video shooting alt Rotary table for painting alt Knob for broken Clamp alt Solder Spool Holder with Masked SLA 3D Printing Technology
alt Nadelfeile Handle alt Knob for Vise alt SMD Soldering Clamp alt Wires Organizer alt Knob Bolt M4
alt Setsquare alt SMD page holder clips alt Screwdriver Сarrot alt Table SAW alt Mini Disc Sander
alt Solder paste and flux dispenser alt Wire Spool holder alt Clamp for iPad 4 on a tripod alt Ring adapter for a drilling stand under Hilda alt inlet for fan 50 mm

alt PCB arm for Arduino UNO alt Touch sensor Z axis alt Vise for Proxxon MF70 alt Studio lighting alt Spool transformer

alt FB

  • 3D model format: STL





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