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Caster wheel boot pad

3D model description

I remodeled my office with "nicer" painted floors and didn’t want my favorite desk chair’s caster wheels leaving imprint marks upon the floor.

In order to prevent marking the floor due to the direct contact of the chair’s wheels I designed some foot pads / boots for them.

On each foot pad I placed a felt furniture pad on the underside, thus preventing scuffing the floor.

Yes, the boot prevents the wheel from rolling, but that was a fair tradeoff and actually part of the design for me.

I designed the boot in the free version of Google Sketchup and a large design goal was to solve the problem with a minimal amount of material.

The final model took my MakerBot about 30 minutes to print each boot, which I still think is too long for the purpose. I'd like to see a simpler solution that prints under 10 minutes on my configuration, but currently I've printed out what I need so don't really care about futzing around with further adjustments. Sorry, but it's the truth :)

3D printing settings

This boot fits caster wheels which are 50mm in diameter, 50mm wide and with a 20mm gap between the two sides of the wheel.

  • 3D model format: STL





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