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Calvin and Hobbes

3D model description

Calvin and Hobbes, from the comic strip by Bill Watterson.

The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes follows the humorous antics of Calvin, a precocious, mischievous and adventurous six-year-old boy, and Hobbes, his sardonic stuffed tiger.

The full model is built using individual models of Calvin and Hobbes, therefore I created three separate Cults3D uploads:

For the final build using the individual Calvin and Hobbes models see: (this upload)

For the Calvin model see:

For the Hobbes model see:

No supports are required. If you have the right filament colors, no painting is needed.

The fully completed model is 250mm tall after assembly.


Print Settings

FlashForge Creator X





I used 3 bottom layers and 5 top layers

Building the model

Colors (there are no multiple printed pieces)

Printing and assembly tips
1-No supports are required.
2-Be sure to use at least five top layers for the log for a clean finish.

Assembly tips:
-Build the Calvin model and Hobbes model using the Cults3D links provided in the introduction.
-The diagram in the pictures section will help in assembling the model and is quite straightforward.
-The model is meant to be glued together.

  • 3D file format: STL



Retired software engineer, learning CAD design and 3D printing. When creating models, I strive for support free designs and fun creations.



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The stripes are the biggest reason for the mutli-color and the only parts I intend on printing that way. It saves me some time and effort when I can just hit print, rather than printing each of the stripes and keeping the straight.

Plus I have the ability, so why not? :) Anyway, I greatly appreciate it. The model looks excellent and if this works, I'll be sure to post my make.



Normally I do not load my models in their relative positions due to the way I model. However, since you requested it, all the pieces can be found here in their original positions:

Please note:
-I simply zipped my parts from the modeling program in their original positions.
-I cannot guarantee this model as is, since I have not printed it myself.
-The pieces will need to be scaled up to the size you need.
-Each part is modeled to fit into the other parts, so there may be gaps that your slicer could have issues with. Carefully look at the slicer actions to ensure it can handle parts like this.

Personally, other than the stripes (which some people paint on) the model is simple to print individually. I purposely size my models so that the smallest pieces can be printed properly. The pieces are designed specifically with 3D printing in mind to print easily and with no supports or rafts needed. The only reason I can see for trying to use a multi-color printer is if you want to scale the model down considerably. Be sure to post your make.


In reply to the previous comment:
Sadly no. Due to the way I model, I do not preserve the original pieces such they could be printed all at once on a multi-material printer.


Any chance you have the models where the multiple colors line up? I'd like to print this using my multi-material printer.