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BRANDED | Rubber Stamp Logo

3D model description

To further decorate envelopes I send out for my web shop, I designed this rubber stamp with my logo.

I know there's not much use for you to have my logo, which I won't include, but maybe someone could use the handle or just the idea. I'm especially loving how the fingerprinty lines came out!

The handle fits a 30x30mm stamp. To a certain extend you can scale and stretch it to fit your needs.

3D printing settings

Monoprice Select Mini & Creality CR-10





The stamp itself is printed on the Monoprice Select Mini with Robin Reiter's flexible filament upgrade ( and, using Recreus's FilaFlex Skin II filament (230°C nozzle, 50°C heat bed, 120% flow, 20mm/s).

The handle is printed in Das Filament brown PLA on the CR-10 (210°C nozzle, 50°C heat bed).

To get those cool fingerprint like lines, tell your slicer (I used Cura) to use concentric lines on the initial layer.

How I Designed This

To make the stamp I took my logo, brought it into Illustrator and saved it as an SVG, imported it into Tinkercad and gave it some depth. Then I added a cylinder on top to connect all the floating parts. This made the print a bit messy, as the flexible filament has a harder time bridging, but it came out well enough to work. You might not even need to do this, depending on your design. The handle was a quick sketch-and-pull job in Fusion 360, just guessing and eyeballing a bit, but it worked fine as well.

  • 3D file format: STL





I am Baschz, an artist, designer and maker from the Netherlands with a profound love for hand made things with a mass production look and feel to them. 3D printing gives me the possibility to by hand create small run (art) projects that look like they we're pooped out by the thousands in a factory far far away. You can find some of these products in my Etsy shop. I also use 3D printing in other work and to fix or upgrade things around the house or on my printers.

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CR-10 Z-axis Manual Adjustment Knob



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