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Bicycle Stand - 2 Part for use on the Road

3D model description

Many cyclists have bikes without a side stand so, when they stop, they have to find something to lean it up against or lay it on its side. This is a simple, compact and lightweight solution.

The stand is in two parts that clips securely together in a matter of seconds. This makes it a practical, portable stand for use as/when required without the need to bolt it to the bike. Push it up under the frame adjacent to the tyre and lean the bike across against it as you lower the base of the stand onto the ground.

The stand will be stable and secure provided the top arm has tension on the tyre as this stops it from rotating as well as applies some pressure against they tyre to create resistance that reduces the ability for the wheel to turn.

This has been used on a number of mountain bikes, including bikes with different frame and wheel sizes. It has been designed to be as universal as possible as most bikes have similar dimensions in the key areas relevant to the use of this stand.


(1)The stand hasn't been used with road/racing bikes which have smaller tyres than mountain bikes. However, the principal is the same so it should work okay. The key is finding the spot where the stand is gripped by the side of the tyre as well as locked into the frame tube.

(2) The stand is stable and will not easily fall once mounted correctly. However, it is not as stable as a permanently fixed stand (i.e. bolted on and made of metal) but as a quick and easy portable solution it does a brilliant job... a bike can be knocked over even with a bolted on stand. This is easier to knock over but unless it is knocked with a moderate force will continue to stand.

3D printing settings

To support the weight of a bike this needs to be printed with greater than usual shells and infill. On a Replicator 2 the stand has worked well when printed with 4 shells and 30% (plus) infill.

Use Raft but no support. The support required for the connector joint has been designed in and should break away cleanly and easily so the parts can be pushed together to create a snug fit that is firm can be pulled apart without great effort.

The stand works well once you work out the best position for the bike concerned. It has been designed to be as universal as possible however different wheel widths, tyres and frame tube dimensions etc. will affect the final positioning for each bike as well as the angle at which it is supported.

  • 3D file format: STL





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