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Anti-Warping Block, Truncated Octahedrons

3D model description

The thermal shrinking of printed things causes the boarder area to bend. This warping could be greatly reduced by this structure. Therefore most horizontal layers consists of squares. When the isolated squares shrink, it will not bend the hole object.

This OpenSCAD Script will generate custom blocks of x*y*z size of your choice. You should keep in mind the total numbers of elements, because of the increase of calculation time.

It is like the cubic crystal structure of Sodalith (#218, P43n).

I made two pictures of a durability test. It works well with 73 kg on top with a piece of wood. But if it breaks apart, then it seems to explode from the high tension inside.

Update V2: Optimized the script for a fast preview in Customizer..

3D printing settings

Choose the wall thickness according to your printer's nozzle size and the desired stability. If you need bigger values than in the Customizer allowed, you should use OpenSCAD to calculate it. For me it crashed at about 4000 elements.

  • 3D file format: STL





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