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Accessories for the Hobbyking (Piccole Ali) Macchi C.205 Veltro ARF

3D model description

Accessories for improving the scale appearance of the 1910 mm Hobbyking (Piccole Ali) Macchi C.205. They require various modeling skills to install and finish, which I will not go into here. My build log can be found here:

Don't forget to tip me if you found it useful. ;) I spent a lot of time designing these parts.


3D printing settings

PLA parts:
Eye01 - Eye for connectong the actuation rod for the inner gear door, for example.
Antenna01 - Base for the antenna that comes with the plane.
Duct01 - U-duct to guide the airflow from the chin radiator intakes.
Duct02 - Straight duct for channeling the air from the chin radiator intakes.
Gun01 - 20 mm cannon for the wing. Gently heat the base with a heat gun and press against wing leading edge to match the shape. Add a 5mm OD brass tubing to act as gun pipe.
Intake01 - Small intake for the forward intakes around the cowl.
Intake02 - Slightly wider intake for the bottom of the cowl.
Light01 - Teardrop light for the wingtips if lights bays are cut out from the wing tips.
Mainhub01 - Replacement scale wheel hub for 4" foam wheels.
Tailfairing02 - Fairing in front of the tail landing gear.
Valve01 - Butterfly valve for the supercharger intake.
Tube01.STL - Tube thing for the right side of the fuselage.
DFantenna01 - Direction finding antenna for under the fuselage behind the radiator.
Oxygen01- Oxygen filling port behind the cockpit.

The following must be printed from a super tough and strong material, like Taulman 910 Nylon, to work safely:
Gearfork04 - Main landing gear fork for 4" wheels. Attack to aluminum "oleo" with M6 countersunk bolt. I fabricate my own "oleos".
Tailgear01 - Scale tail landing gear

The following can be printed from PETG or similar tough materials:
Geardoor01 - Scale stiffeners for the gear door.
Geardoor04 - Gear doors.
Scissor01 - Scale cosmetic scissor links for the main landing gear.
Spinner01 - Front spinner cone. Use an M4 of the appropriate length for your shaft to secure to Nut01.
Spinner03 - Spinner base.
Spinner04 - Spinner centering ring. Glue into the base to aid with cone centering.
Nut01 - Spinner nut for 8x1mm threaded shafts and an M4 screw.
Scissor02 - Upper mount for the scissor link on my landing gear struts.
Geardoor05 - Upper gear doors. Fit with zip ties. Made for 14 mm legs.

  • 3D model format: STL


Norwegian inventor/designer/cat owner.



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