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ABS Inside!

3D model description

Not much to say; print it and stick it on your bot. Do we need a PLA inside or a PVA inside??

STL, SketchUp file and Paint.NET files attached for your convenience and regurgitation.

Also added the actual font I used (non copyrighted version): as requested

This was printed and used on:

TOM # 4890
.4 nozzle
ABP with aluminum plate topper and titanium belt covered in kapton

3D printing settings

After creating my png image I used an uber tight ruby script for SketchUp: that takes your imported raster png and converts it to actual shape data! If you use SU you gotta try it out! I attached the tool suite to this thing "" just dump it into your plugins folder in SU and follow the directions from the above URL!

Oh, and for those making solids in SketchUp you really need the ruby script called "Solid Inspector". It makes chasing manifold issues 200 times easier in SU! Pick it up here:


  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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