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Free STL File for Protective Face Mask

3D model description

3D STL File for Protective Face Mask

This is to be used in situations where there are no 'normal' face masks available. We are in worrying times and the advice we read varies with regards to the need for covering our mouth and nose when outside. Countries like China and South Korea champion the use, others feel these should just be for health care workers. Like us, you have most likely noticed a rise in the amount of people covering their faces - either with masks or scarfs.

Although these in no way compare to the authorised medical face masks as they are not CE marked. They are merely a frame to be used as the wearer wishes. For example - if someone is wearing a scar for protection - this would give a little more flexibility.

The protection risks of materials can be found online (see attached photos). Here is what our online research came up with regarding household materials and their effectiveness against 1 & 2-micron particles information from smart air filters: the best materials for DIY face masks were 100% cotton tee-shirt and pillowcase material. The reason was that although other materials may be more effective - it's the breathability that is important. Not hugely effective is paper towels (although we show that in the photo - it was just to give a visual of the mask being worn).

This face mask is best printed in using PLA.

Instructions for fitting and use.

1) It can be completed by adding any fabric, gauze or a material of your choice (this can be removed and hygienically changed after every use). See the photo for recommended material and effectiveness.
2) Simply cut out (slightly larger than the mask) and place the material on the inside (you may use 2 sided tape if you desire).
3) Secure by threading (elastic, ribbon or any material you wish) through the holes at the side of the mask.
4) Tie round the back of the head (or around your ears) to secure.

Printing Instructions.

Print and cool.

1) Drop in hot water for a few seconds – shape for the face and allow to cool (repeat same procedure if you make a mistake.
2) This can be decorated using spray paint, nail varnish (see photo examples).

Please feel free to print as many as you like and give these away freely (no commercial charges allowed) to those who require protection. These are designed to post using a large letter rate so you can send them to family and friends who you are unable to visit at this time.

Feel free to give a donation if you wish :)

Good luck and good health to you all.

3D printing settings

X: 130mm
Y: 127mm
Z: 1.5mm
Material: PLA
Infill: 100%
Print time: 23 minutes
1.5 metres PLA
4.63 grams

  • 3D file format: STL



With a history of designing a variety of products from turbines to ROVs and a multitude of products in between - it's great now to be move ahead and work in the world of 3d printing.

What a fantastic way to get shapes and angles that normal manufacturing is incapable of. This is just the beginning...the coming years will bring many more advancement. It's an exciting time to be designing!

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