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101 Use Fish Cup!

3D model description

Printed on my newly purchased Makerbot Replicator!!!

*Have you ever wished for the ultimate tool? For something to make your life truly better? The one thing that was missing to fill the void in your life? Look no further!! Your answer is here! Print this fish cup and discover for yourself the never-ending possibilities of pure awesomeness!!*

  1. Ice cream Fudge Boat
  2. Caramel Holder
  3. Hardware Hopper
  4. Coffee Creamer Holder
  5. Herb Garden
  6. Flower Pot
  7. Tool Caddy
  8. Urine Sample Cup
  9. Salt Basin
  10. Pepper Basin
  11. Red Pepper Vile
  12. Whiskey Hopper
  13. Rum shot glass
  14. Ice cream Scoop
  15. Gravy Boat
  16. Toenail clippings holder
  17. Lint trap
  18. Tea Cup
  19. Change Jar
  20. Sandbox Toy
  21. Coffee Cup
  22. Nut Jar
  23. Bolt Jar
  24. Screw Jar
  25. Washer Jar
  26. Candy Cup
  27. Candle Holder
  28. Paper Weight
  29. Award
  30. Thank you gift
  31. Wedding Favor
  32. Coin Catcher
  33. Souvenir
  34. Sugar Packet Holder
  35. Soup Bowl
  36. Paper clip holder
  37. Scavenger hunt item
  38. Shaving Mug
  39. Basketball goal
  40. Delineator
  41. Bookends
  42. Toothpick Holder
  43. Tip collector
  44. Soap dish
  45. Conversation starter
  46. Paint can
  47. Feng Shui Garden Item
  48. Marker Holder
  49. Work of Art
  50. Its your friend. Someone to talk to when you are alone.
  51. Chuck Norris squeezed a real bass so hard it turned into this
  52. Door stop
  53. Rear view mirror dangler
  54. Tiddly Winks Game
  55. Measuring Cup
  56. Toothbrush Holder
  57. Golf Tee
  58. Pudding Cup
  59. Transporter (requires dilithium crystals)
  60. The one fish to rule them all
  61. Gavel
  62. Stress Toy
  63. Present Basket
  64. Pill Holder
  65. Spice Hopper
  66. Snow Fort Mold
  67. Bocce Ball Pill
  68. Hackey Sack
  69. Hockey Puck
  70. Christmas Ornament
  71. Night Light (requires light..and wiring…and approval)
  72. Napkin Holder
  73. Muffin Mold
  74. Weed Grinder
  75. Apothecary Tool
  76. Mortar Pestle
  77. Alchemy Kit
  78. Chemistry Beaker
  79. Fish Tank Accoutrement
  80. Cat Toy
  81. Chew Toy
  82. Pretend Kitchen Compliment
  83. Fine Dining Utensil
  84. Artificial Eyeball Holder
  85. 3-d Printing Example
  86. Fish Model
  87. Retainer Case
  88. Contact Lens Cleaner
  89. Mouthwash Cup
  90. Cough Medicine Dispenser
  91. Spittoon
  92. Peanut Holder
  93. Trash Can
  94. Landfill Filler
  95. Go Green Counter Example (will not degrade easily)
  96. Weapon (when launched at high velocity)
  97. Fish Food Holder
  98. Small Animal Water Bowl
  99. Rat Poison Dispenser
  100. Fishing Lure
  101. Swear Jar

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the list! Any other uses you can think of? Leave a comment and I'll be sure to add them!

3D printing settings

Printed on my newly purchased Makerbot Replicator!

Scale to fit your endless uses! Any size means any purpose and function!

Print without supports and with a few perimeters to help with liquids.

Check out the first pic above; once sanded and sprayed with a few layers of clear coat, the cup looks purely amazing!

But most of all, just go out and have fun with your newly printed awesome fish cup!

  • 3D file format: STL





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