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#1 Mom / Mum

3D model description

  • Got a Mom?

  • Does your Mom have a desk?

If you answered "Yes" to the above questions you may want to print this.

This is another Faja/Daja project. My 3yr old daughter saw a picture of Mom's new cubicle system at work and said "it looks real sad" so we talked about making something special to sit on her desk that she could also use. 30min in Sketchup, 4.5hrs print time and we are ready to deliver some ABS joy to Mom's desk! I told my daughter that I would be able to give this to my Mom (Grandma) as well and she doubled in excitement making sure I would tell Grandma that she helped make it too!

** bmsweb alerted me that his Mom is a Mum, and Mum's count too! **

Love Ya Mom!

3D printing settings

1.) Print "1Mom.stl"
2.) Clean edges with a blade if needed
3.) Tell your Mom how much she means to you!

I have also attached my Sketchup master for your modding pleasures.

The screen shots don't show the updated overhang protection that I put in place for the pound sign and #1 . This item will print with no support or raft required on an ABP or HBP.

Printed on:

TOM # 4890
.4 nozzle
ABP with aluminum plate topper and titanium belt covered in kapton

Peep what I'm currently printing on my bot at: and click refresh in your browser to request another snap shot.

  • 3D file format: STL





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