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Zero Hardware RAMPS 1.4 Box

3D model description

This is a box for your RAMPS 1.4 electronics that requires absolutely no hardware. Print one out to protect your electronics from accidental shorts and damage. It has plenty of vent holes, along with a version of the lid for mounting a centrifugal fan for extra cooling. The lid securely snaps onto the top of the box, leaving holes for all of your cables.

3D printing settings

Print the box and lid with your preferred settings. There is some bridging, but it wasn't much of an issue for me. The first couple of layers above the bridges didn't laminate together, so I just tore them off and the box still works the same! There are pillars a few pillars that are meant to make the bridge spans shorter. You will probably have to remove these to make space for your cables. I was able to break mine free by hand.

After everything is printed, drop your RAMPS board inside, snap the lid in place and snap the fan into the lid.

The easiest way to wire the fan is to simply screw the positive and negative leads into the main power terminals of your RAMPS board. This way the fan will be on whenever you have power to your board.

  • 3D file format: STL





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