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Z-motor Mount Replacement for TEVO Tarantula

3D model description

This is a remix of a z-motor mount made by Albatrossity:

The original mount worked mostly well. However I found that the top plate that gets mounted to the 2020 extrusion wasn't thick enough and the bolts hit the bottom of the v slot before they hit the plastic and tightened the mount. Also, there was no way to adjust the alignment of the z rod with the original mount, so I set out to make this remix that had these changes made.

Integration is simple and is mostly the same as the original motor mount. Loosely mount the motor to the mount and then mount the motor mount to the frame using the t-nuts and bolts already used in the acrylic z motor mount. After securely mounted, loosen the bolts holding on the motor, align the z rod with the frame by moving the motor forward or backwards, and then tighten the motor bolts. As always with 3d printed parts, don't over tighten the bolts (a snapping sound means you went too far). In my opinion, the 3D printed mount is stronger than the flimsy acrylic mounts the printer comes with. Print with 100% infill for best reliability.

  • 3D file format: STL





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