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Z axis stabilizer for prusa i3 aluminium single plate

3D model description

Just wanted to add as little pieces and volume to the printer as possible. See instructions for further info.

If you are a curious maker / "tinker" / hacker, have a look at my blog:

3D printing settings

I used exactly one 1 meter length M8 threaded rod, cut in three pieces: 2x370mm 1x260mm

Replaced the original back-top M8 rod of your Prusa i3 with the 260mm rod. Used the other two 370mm rods as diagonals.

Additional parts:

12xM8 washers
4xM8 regular nuts
6xM8 self locking nuts

2xM5x20mm screws
2xM5 washers
2xM5 self locking nuts

4xM3x20mm screws
4xM3 self locking nuts

  • 3D file format: STL





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