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Adult and Pediatric 3D Video Laryngoscope - 5.5mm - 7mm - 8mm + STEP

3D model description

The video laryngoscopes presented here are a simplified version of those developed by the AirAngelBlade organization, who inspired this work. The elements were built from scratch based on the profiles found commercially, the designs have smooth surfaces in its entirety facilitating their disinfection, are shared with the community profiles for both adult and pediatric use.

This work was supported by the Free Run Foundation, the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Engineering and the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Technological University of Pereira, who gave us feedback that allowed us to improve the resistance and ergonomics of the video laryngoscopes. We extend our thanks to the Makers Covid Colombia and Makers Colombia communities.

We invite you to make donations through the platform to continue the established work and to continue supporting doctors in remote regions of Colombia.

If you have any questions, comments or want to know more about this design you can write me and follow me in my Instagram @checho3d.

Note: This item should be performed under strict health protocols, used only by trained personnel and disposed of or disinfected according to medical criteria. The use of PETG material is recommended for printing.

Thanks to all the people who with their support allowed the development of this project.

3D printing settings

Recommended material: PETG

Layer height: 0.2- 0.25mm

Filling: 65% or more

Contour lines: 3

Upper and lower layers: 4

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Extrusion Factor: 1

  • 3D file format: RAR and STL





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