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'Use as you want' Filament Clip

3D model description


Yet, another filament clip on thingiverse :P

Model is for 1,75mm filaments.
If you want to use it with 3mm you can easly resize it to 171-172%

Easy to use

Use as you want:
- on spool side
- holding two with 'teeth'
- holding one with 'teeth' and one or two with hook - recomended, uses least space
- etc.

If you will use it on spool side it can no longer work with pure filament (can warp too much) so I recomend it to use one part to only one option all the time.

Not tested for long.
I used PLA for this. If you will have some problems use PET, should last longer.

Final version of part with a hole was not tested.
Previous was too small but I made the hole little larger. If it is still too small let me know.
This clip version will be still usefull anyway (but without using a hole ofc.)

Not tested with very thick spools.

UPDATE 08.IV.2019
Added two new STLs with stronger verstions.
Little harder to use (needs more force to 'open') but will last longer.
If first 'teeth' will merge a little on print just use sth thin to force open - I lowered the distance to hold filament stronger.

UPDATE 31.V.2019
Removed two original files (it was too weak to use for longer time - still you can use 'strong' version).
Added improved version (v2). It will last much longer but you can't use it on spool (so not like in original and 'strong'), its just for holding filament.
It has reshaped decals too, for little easier use.

  • 3D model format: STL





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