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UP! Wind Barrier V8.1 with switch

3D model description

This wind barrier for the UP! 3D printer has a switch to open and close the vents that were introduced on V7 to blow cool air across the nozzle to enable better support and raft removal. This lead to a slightly weaker bond between the layers and some de-lamination on larger prints. Now you can switch i.e. cover these vents when not needed.

3D printing settings

The basic wind barrier is identical to V7 but has holes to accommodate the new handle and flap.
I have merged all three components into one UP3 file for ease of printing and this layout prints the parts better.
You may have to use a small round needle file to make a good fit between the handle shaft and the corresponding hole in the flap. Note: both of these cylindrical surfaces have a very small matching flat to locate the handle in the proper position.

I have just redesigned my original (now V8.1) to aid the air flow and help seal the unit when closed.

  • 3D file format: STL





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