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Universal Joint Z coupler

3D model description

An experiment intended to reduce Z wobble in prusa i2 printers.

The holes are deliberately sized to fit perfectly straight off the bed. The holes in the wings should allow an M3 screw to slide through without much resistance but also without much play, the holes in the centerpiece should be super tight so you can actually cut a thread by driving the M3 screw in.

The motor shaft has a single nut trap for the flat, the threaded rod has 3 nut traps in case some alignment is needed.

8x M3x10 or M3x15 screws and 4x M3 nuts are required for each Universal Joint.

3D printing settings

1) print
2) assemble using M3 screws
3) install
4) post before/after picture as an "I made one" :)

  • 3D file format: STL





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