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Ultimate creality cr10 extruder (happy edition) (flexible filaments)

3D model description

update: added springcap2, should work with creality spring without problems

made this feeder beacause I dont find the creality one solid or good for me,and had problem with the metal one. modified for my needs, m4 screw to adjust spring pressure, ptfe tube to avoid the lead screw, cover to improve the lever strenght and also for better cable management.
not tested but should beable to print flexible filament without problems :)
#parts needed:
1-m3x(7mm I think u can use the one from creality)
3-m3nuts used like spacers

1-m4x25mm -spring adjustments
1xm4nut -spring adjustments
1-m4x12mm -inside bearing holder (just screw it in, should go out about 1-1.5mm)

made to avoid the Z lead screw, u need just a 4mm ptfe tube a little piece, push it in and than curve it a bit,than use a band to block it

there are 4 blocks model, depends on the pushfitting u intend to use, I presonally prefer the ones with the ptfe tubing going furter to reduce the friction.
if u intend to use the nice creality pushfitting, probably u have a spare from the seller, print the m6cr10fitting block, the creality one is 1mm shorter than norma fittings.
(added an image for better understanding)

yeah! it smiles, but I've uploaded also standard version without smiles, use two bands to lock the printer cables for better cable management

hope to rotate when I can sorry for that.
FILAMENT: suggest petg or abs
INFILL: 40% or more :)

I'll improve this time to time, and also hope to get feedbacks, hope in the nexst month to add maybe afilament sensor to the lever.
still have to rotate all of them, sorry but I'm abit busy

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