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Threadable CR2032 Battery Holder

3D model description

I wanted a design I could glue down on one side, and attach an LED to on the other side, so I made this threadable CR2032 battery holder based on [NotSoSolid's Design], "NotSoSolid's 2032 Battery Holder"), to which I did a complete remodel to get the topology doing what I needed it to.

After the first accident where I couldn't get the battery out, I've added a rectangular escape hole, the battery sits very snugly in there.

You will need a little bit of wire to thread the electronics through.

There's also an indent for a very faint 4-pin LED, but you can ignore that if you wish :)

3D printing settings

Just print it up on its side (as given), no supports needed.

  • 3D file format: STL





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