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The Phantom Edit - MK8 Direct Drive Bowden Extruder for 1.75mm Filament

3D model description

This is a remix of phantomoperator's direct drive bowden extruder. Thanks to phantomoperator for including the STEP files with his design, so that I could easily modify the designs. The original design can be found here...

Differences from the original design:
- Uses a 625ZZ bearing and M5 bolt in place of the 608ZZ bearing and 8mm rod.
- Added a piece of 3/16" OD, 0.035" wall tubing to the idler to act as an anti-crush tube and bearing surface for a smoother acting hinge.
- Made the drive gear closer to the outlet of the extruder to improve extrusion performance.
- Made the mounting and motor flanges thicker for a sturdier system
- Various general contour and geometry changes

Required Hardware:
- (3) M3x35 screw
- (2) M3x50 screw
- (1) M5x16 socket head bolt
- (1) M5 nylon lock-nut
- (2) M3 nylon lock-nut
- (1) Piece of 3/16" OD, 0.035" wall aluminum tubing (cut to 25.5mm long)
- (1) MK8 hobbed drive gear (from Tri-D Printing or similar)
- (2) Springs (max length: 20mm or 3/4", max diameter: 10mm or 3/8")
- (2) M5 push-fit fittings for 4mm OD tubing

Printed Parts:
- (1) Extruder Body
- (1) Idler
- (1) Spring Carrier
- (1) Spring Plate
- (1) Pivot
- (1) Cover Plate

  • 3D file format: STEP and STL





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