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The Hive - Hurricane Duct for V6 Hotend Remix

3D model description

I was mesmerized by the design of The Hurricane duct by @TheSniper because it was simple enough to be printed without supports and was easy enough to print without any issues right from the first try. However, I spotted two things that I would really like to change. 1 being that I wanted the ducts themselves to be a bit closer to the tip of the hotend, and 2 being that the hotend fan mount instantly melted on the bottom because it makes contact or very close to making contact with the heater block of the v6 hotend.

My solution is the open that area up to a bit more flow. On top of that, I recommend you place a strip of metal duct tape on the bottom of the fan to move heat away from the plastic. I have had had this hotend printing for several weeks now with zero issues and my bridges are better than ever.

Huge thank you to @TheSniper for the original design!


Enjoy and post your makes!

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  • 3D file format: STL



Just having fun with my Ender 3 and sharing my ideas along the way.

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