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TEVO Tarantula Cooling Fan Vent & Inductive Sensor Mount

3D model description

For all of you who might feel that your stock TEVO tarantula's hot end is inadequate in that it doesn't have a part cooling fan nor a mount for an inductive sensor, than these parts are for you.

The fan vent holds a 5015 fan and provides the printed part with ample cooling. I found that at higher temps with the fan on (>230° C), the hot end struggles to heat up and usually gives a thermal runaway error, so PLA is the main material to print with when using this fan vent. No firmware tweaking needed, just plug the fan's cord into the port marked "Fan" on the MKS board and if needed, solder together longer wires if your fan comes with short ones.

Having done these mods to someone else's printer a while back, I forgot what kind of inductive sensor was used, however I believe that it's a very common one. Regardless, the inductive sensor mount takes very little time to print. Integrating an inductive sensor will take some firmware tweaking and possibly some wire crimping.

Print all parts at 100% infill for best durability.

  • 3D file format: STL





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