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Surface Finish Calibration Test Shape

3D model description

If you are having problems with uneven surface finish in things with curved surfaces, this calibration shape provides a quick print shape with a diversity of surfaces to check. I made this as an alternative to the standard 20 x 20 x 10 calibration cube.

UPDATE (Feb 7th 2013)
New Slic3r Config files for the Replicator 2. You still need to use ReplicatorG to load the sliced gcode files and export as x3g to print. Scroll to the bottom of Instructions below for installation guide.

I have also recently added a new 340 micron profile for when you just want to print something quickly, and a new 340 ZERO FILL to make it easier to create Stretchlet Bracelets like emmett's

Version 6 profiles have been tweaked for the new 7.0 firmware. I have also described all the key changes I have made in these profiles so you know what I have changes and why, so you can experiment yourselves. I have tried to be a bit conservative with the settings in the profiles provided here, so read the comments below to tweak them even further if you feel the need to.

Because a few of you have asked - Paypal donations graciously accepted - whpthomas at yahoo dot com

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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