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Strong Flex door Carabiner

3D model description

Appreciate "Axel Johansson" did the "Strength test" at this design.

Here's the info of the film and the test result

Measuring of the maximum force the carabiner "Strong Flex door Carabiner" from thingiverse can handle.

Measured maximum force: 236 N

The carabiner is printed in ABS.

Infill: 100%

layer height: 0.15 mm

Temperature: 245 °C

Total print time: 1:22 h

Thousands of thanks Axel did the test and sharing the result :D

Carabiner is very useful to me, I make the design by 3D print can let the door feel like spring inside.

The design can print without support and raft.

Layer high from 0.15mm~0.3mm is fine.

Infill better to use over 70%.

  • 3D file format: STL





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