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Spool Drawer Divider V2

Download free 3D printer designs Spool Drawer Divider V2, jimjaxDownload free 3D printer designs Spool Drawer Divider V2, jimjax

3D model description

UPDATED 2/17/2019 - to include trays with a sloping slides

This is not a true remix but and enhancement of a great thing by ElmoC #2141153 . I needed more storage for small parts, and I needed easy access. Small parts in a large bin is not easy to use! The trays are categorized as 1/2 height or 1/3 height, 0,1,or 2 dividers each, and sloping sides (SS). No 'SS' in name indicates there are straight sides.

I have updated the files 2/17/2019. The sloping side allows you to use one finger to reach in and grab a single or multiple items and slide them out without a tool.

The drawers with no dividers have a center pole to grab for easy lifting. I found the 'no divider' drawer very good for Allen wrenches and small wires (I have my spare bed thermistors stored in this tray).

The trays are make with Fusion 360 and are optimized for printing at 0.2 layer height.

  • 3D model format: STL





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