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Sparkle Polishing

3D model description

My daughter wanted me to make her a crown. She wanted me to make her a sparkly crown. I looked at RichRap's Sparkle Printing process, but don't have any clear PLA as I mostly use ABS. I also wasn't really keen on the idea of intentionally sprinkling contamination into my printer enclosure.

Then I got to thinking about how sticky the parts are when they just come out of vapor polishing... and sparkle polishing was born.

I consider this to be primarily a derivative of the RichRap thing:14912, but the source file is the crown from thing:66757.

3D printing settings

NOTE: Still working on how to do this. This is actually the first time in my life that I can recall picking up a container of sparkles. Any suggestions from people with crafting experience are welcome.

1) Print something in ABS.

2) Vapor Polish

3) Remove from polishing bath

4) Shake on sparkles. This should be done when the surface is still almost liquidy. Alternatively, you could probably roll or dip into a bucket of sparkles. Or maybe put it into a bag and shake it around?

5) Allow solvent to fully evaporate.

6) Present thing to your favorite princess.

7) Bask in the glow of being the coolest dad or {insert whatever your relationship is here}.

  • 3D file format: STL



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