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Small Filament Guide for bowden extruder

3D model description

Small filament guide for bowden extruder with screw thread.
It can help with installing 'normal' filaments too. Sometimes I had some problems with this because of inside screw thread.

Tested in JG Aurora A1 (I printed my Piggy with TPU), before that elastic filament was going out of the tube from time to time.

You need to unscrew the black metal plate (on photo: 1,2,3) and take it off.
Drive in the guide up to some resistant (don't use too much force).
Then, if the guide is not in the right position, slightly unscrew the tube holder (no. 4) and screw the guide in to position (if not just unscrew holder more), then screw back the tube holder and screw everything back to extruder.
After that check if the guide is not too close to grinder (you can move it and listen if it grate with guide). If it is you will need to unscrew tube holder more or cut 1mm from the top of guide (where the screw thread is) and check again.

If the part will break and stuck inside you will probably need to use left-handed screw (or right-handed from the side of tube holder after removing it) to pull it out.

UPDATE: 21.III.2019
Updated model. Now it's without small holes on sides.

  • 3D model format: STL





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