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Sidewinder case - door for access of mainboard and displaycable

3D model description

I made a 'door' in the case of the Sidewinder, instead of the 'grid' for the ventilation (on the right of the printer when looking at it). This makes the access to the mainboard and the cable that goes to the displayboard much easier: for flashing the firmware you don't have to open the case anymore. I attached it to the printer with 'velcro' after cutting the grid away.

When opened it provides a lot more ventilation then the original grid but when closed it gives extra protection (printer off!) against dust and fingers.
It also lets you see the status-LEDs on the mainboard during printing.

For Flashing firmware on the Sidewinder X1: open the little door when the printer is off, pull the cable to the display-board , connect the USB-cable to flash the firmware, when done, simply put the display-connection-cable back on, turn the printer on.
No need to remove the whole bottom of the printer anymore and retune because you moved the printer. Can all be done in place.

  • 3D file format: STL





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