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Sanding wheel, Lamellar Grinder

3D model description

Needed to post process some round things from the inside and the outside and really didn't want to do it by hand. So I've printed this little thing, added a 3mm welding wire as axis and glued some stripes of sand paper to the thing. Combined with a drill and it really saves some work and made sanding much easier.

Because the drill and the thing moves enough air / blows against the target, I didn't had problems to dry-sand PLA.

WARNING: I tried it for some minutes and low sped with a Dremel and killed the Dremel with it. Either it was a not so happy coincidence, because my Dremel is 2.5 years old or the Dremel can't handle the load. So - don't try it.

3D printing settings

Printer Brand: Prusa
Printer: i3 MK3
Rafts: No
Supports: No
Resolution: 0.2
Infill: 15% but 3 to 5 perimeters

Filament: Das Filament PETG Leuchtorange

  • 3D file format: F3D and STL





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