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Round TO IT

3D model description

The "Round TO IT" is the perfect thing to give someone who says "I'll do it when I get a Round TO IT".

There's quite a few greeting cards with a circle saying "TO IT" on them but with 3D printing you can create something that better represents a tool... is round and in this case shaped like and arrow to represent going "TO IT" or making progress.

Give someone a "Round TO IT" and hopefully whatever it is they haven't got around to gets done... no excuses once they have a "Round TO IT"!

Note: Not that this has any practical use as a real tool however the base has a hole in it for a round T handle (if you want to add one) or it has flat sides so it could be turned with an adjustable wrench... or just put it on a key ring for fun.

3D printing settings

Print with Raft but No Support. There is designed in support that should break away easily (prints great on a Replicator 2). 3 shells and 15% fill should work well for most 3D printers.

  • 3D file format: STL





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