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RFID Car key signal blocker case

3D model description

Like everyone of you, I am extremely concious about my keyless entry car. For keeping my car safe, I decided to made a perfect signal blocker. Signal blocker in orange and back contrast looks attractive for placing your keys in. In order to make it able to block 100% of singals, I used a faraday tape. This is the perfect example of style with safety. This is just the brief description. If you want to watch details why not visit my YouTube Channel.

  • 3D file format: STL



Being an innovative designer and CAD CAM programmer, I am able to create unique and highly useful products. I am trying to create fascinating designs that would help professionals as well as amateurs. Being professional and creative , I am creating and modifying my products frequently, my every modified version is far more better than previous in term of use and design.



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