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Replicator 2 Platform Stilts

3D model description

My build platform was nearly exactly 1mm too low, and it was causing some trouble printing stuff near the back of the platform, where the filament cooling fan duct would bang in to the sprung plastic hook that holds the platform down to the tripod. The best solution I could find was to add feet to the platform itself, just above the soft rubbery pads on the tripod, lifting the platform up 0.95mm.

The feet are rather a lot larger than they need to be. I eyeballed the design, so I left lots of room for mistakes, but it does work really well!

3D printing settings

Use callipers or something like that to measure the gap between the platform's tripod hook and the top printing surface of the platform. Open this STL in MakerWare and don't move it at all, then select the feet, open the scale tool, uncheck "Uniform Scaling", and type in your gap measurement in the blue Z measurement. Press enter, and prepare to print at standard or high resolution. Resolution doesn't need to be perfect as the rubber dots on the makerbot's tripod thing are springy enough to accept some variations.

Next up, go to your bot and flip the platform over - shiny side up! If your platform has makerbot industry logos, flip it so the logos are up. Start the print. You might want to print slower/hotter than usual to make sure the disks stick well. If you have trouble getting them to stick you can try cleaning the shiny surface with alcohol first, or try using a glue like hairspray or craft gluesticks. I didn't find either of those necessary - it sticked well to my platform!

Once the print is done, flip your platform over and relevel it in the menu - no more horrible banging noise and glitched up prints!

  • 3D file format: STL



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