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Repetier Server Monitor for 3D printer

3D model description

Modified version of great Qrome's Octoprint Monitor (

- ported to Repetier Server monitoring
- different hardware - ESP-12 board, USB & Li-ion battery powered
- added speaker for acoustic notification of finished print
- different 3D printed box

Source Arduino code, Eagle PCB design and Inventor model attached for further improvements.

Youtube video:

The box is designed to be able to print without supports. Lock1 and Lock2 parts are fixed together using a small piece of 1.75mm filament. The lock is used to push on/off push button. There definitely can be a better design for on/off switch but I just did not have self locking pushbutton by hand.

New configuration menu items:
- Play melody when print is finished - on/off checkbox
- Play melody X seconds before the print is finished - how many seconds before the print is finished the melody is played. Value 0 means right when print is finished.
- Battery voltage multiplier - battery voltage is measured using ADC pin and voltage divider. Measured value (0 - 1024) is multiplied by this constant and divided by 1000. The value is displayed at home page and it is used for battery gauge.

Battery charging board:

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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