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Quick Release Buckle

3D model description

The Quick Release Buckle is a very common part used to fasten up backpacks and straps. Printing them allow clients to replace broken buckles or create personalized ones. This part has to be resistant when applying a traction effort. It also needs to have an adequate relation between stiffness and elasticity to make the releasing system work. This Quick Release Buckle has been printed with PLA, using PVA supports due its geometrical complexity. When choosing PLA, the part gains a detailed surface quality, good tensile strength and compatibility with PVA supports.

In 2017 we introduced BCN3D Filaments, which are industrial-grade materials designed to deliver the best results for both BCN3D printers, the Sigma and the Sigmax. These materials are: ABS, Nylon, PET-G, PLA, PVA and TPU. However, with versatility in mind, BCN3D printers are machines that accept third party filaments. That means it is not always required to use BCN3D Filaments, and thanks to the Open Filament System, BCN3D printers can produce parts with a large variety of materials.

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About BCN3D Technologies -

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BCN3D Technologies started off as a project of Fundació CIM, which has more than 20 years of experience in Rapid Prototyping and knowledge transfer, leading a technological revolution in the national and international outlook.
As a result, we do not only supply 3D printers, but approach and provide the users with the right knowledge and technologies in order for them to develop and realize their own ideas.

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