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Quick Change - Easy Filament Guide for Replicator 2

3D model description

When it comes to filament changes, I have often found myself fumbling around trying to get the filament into the tiny end of the tube at the back of my Replicator 2. Buy the time I get the filament threaded the print head has often cooled down substantially, making filament changes slower.

So I designed and made this quick change easy filament guide to streamline the process. It supports dual tubes, so you can mount a filament tube on either side. The filament guide is designed to be held in place on your Replicator 2 by a small zip tie.

This filament guide works like a funnel, with a large opening at the bottom leading into the tube, it makes filament changes quicker and easier.

3D printing settings

I printed this with a 2.0 mm layer height using the skin module in ReplicatorG to achieve a 1.0 mm outer surface finish, 15% infill with only 1 extra shell.

This filament easy guide was designed using an ACIS solid in Shark FX so will behave well with Makerware, ReplicatorG and skeinforge.

  • 3D file format: STL





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