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Prusa 3D i3 MK2S pen holder for PCB production

3D model description

Prusa 3D i3 MK2S pen holder for PCB production

PCB production:

Design board in Eagle
Export as HPGL file
File -> CAM Processor:
Device: HPGL, Mirror, pos. Coord

Process the HPGL file in ThmqGCU.js to generate the G-code.
Import local file
Save code
Do not check Interpolate Arcs by Lines - it needs to be done in the next step - checking this will not produce correct result.
Also don't check Skip redundant G-codes - Prusa printer won't be able to interpret correctly

Process the G-code with Lua script

This sets new origins of the printer. Interpolates arcs (G3 command) and shifts coordinates to positive area if it's not the case already.
Manualy move the printer to left-down corner of the PCB board
Run the G-code

  • 3D file format: STL
  • 3D model size: X 76.9 × Y 38.2 × Z 99.3 mm





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