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Printable filament

3D model description

Just got my MMU 2.0 for Prusa I3 MK3.
It allows you to print other objects as purge block.
So I want to make something useful out of the purge block.
What would be better if we can reuse the purge block?

This is just a simple coil with hexagonal cross section.
I fine tuned the size and pitch so that it is printable, separable and reusable.

I suggest you try the 4 loops first to see if it works for your printer.

My setting:
Nozzle 210C (prefer low temp.)
Bed 60C
Perimeters :3
Infill : 100%
Enable thin wall
No support needed

Post printing:
It should separate easily.
Use a PTFE tube to ensure the filament can pass through it.
Trim as necessary.
Part of the first and second loops are not usable as they are fused for easier printing.

As the cross section is smaller than a 1.75mm circle, I increase the flow to 120%.

It may cause damage to your printer and break its warranty.
Use at your own discernment.

  • 3D model format: STL





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