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Power Supply Covers

3D model description

Covers for a Singpad 24V 240W power supply* using a switched C14 power inlet*. I don't know if it also fits the 12V 360W version*.

The screw holes in the plastic are sized to be tapped with a M3 tap. If you use a screw to do the tapping, do it carefully to avoid breaking the part.

You may want to use insulated 0.187" female spade connectors [22-16 gauge*] [14-16 gauge*] to wire the switch.

The power inlets don't come with a fuse, you'll probably want a 250V 5mmx20mm fast blow fuse* if you're using it with a 3d printer. The current rating (in amps) will depend on the printer.

Check out this post if you need help with wiring or fuse selection.

-- Eustathios

Filaments: (full list can be found on thrinter)
-- eSun Blue PLA

*affilate links

  • 3D model format: STEP and STL





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