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Plastic Scraper

3D model description

The black scraper that came with my Elegoo Mars is affected by the alcohol I wash it with and worried about contaminating my resin. So designed this one and printed with SLA resin so it's not affected by cleaning alcohol.

If you don't empty and filter the resin after each print apparently it is recommended to expose the FEP with the scraper, checks for scrapes but exposes the fep to the air which. I like to do it in case Ive missed a stray stuck bit to the FEP. Cheap insurance for my lcd.

Now my rant: Do not print it on supports, if you can't print this flat on your bed, you are doing something wrong. Really don't, I get tired of hearing oh print it at 15 degrees, or 30, oooh suction pathetic, don't listen to nonsense. If it's too stuck to you bed, you need to tune your printer. Don't blame the design, or your printer, the resin.
I have a bog standard Elegoo Mars, no mods. Cleaned and adjusted lead screw and nut and bearings.

  • 3D model format: STL





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