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Pencil Sharpener with X-acto Blade

3D model description

So in my home with 3 kids, they are always asking for pencils or to sharpen them. And my kids seem to have a gift for making sharpeners disappear in my home. So I decided I would print some but all the designs I saw required either the sharpener or the blade of the sharpener, neither of which helped me.
So I grabbed my x-acto to manually sharpen the pencil and it hit me, I have a few xacto blades that I cannot use for most of my projects because the tip is broken but they would be perfect for this.

So I spent the day trying to design a pencil sharpener that would use an xacto blade.

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  • 3D file format: STL



Father of 3, Husband, and 3D modeler and Maker in NYC specializing in 3D Printing.

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