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PC USB-C 5.25" Drive Bay Front Panel

Download free 3D printing files PC USB-C 5.25" Drive Bay Front Panel, AlbertKhan3DDownload free 3D printing files PC USB-C 5.25" Drive Bay Front Panel, AlbertKhan3D

3D model description

update made a few adjustments so things fit better now, which should make it accept usb connectors that don't leave much clearance. New version is still much easier to plug in to than the original metal plate.

To breath life in to my old PC, I wanted to add USB-C to the front panel in the DVD drive slot. I found this floppy disk drive usb hub. After using it for a while, I was frustrated with how hard it is to plug things in. The design makes it easy for the edges of USB connectors to get stuck if you don't line them up quite right. So here's a solution!

This drive bay adaptor is sized to precisely fit the PCB linked above, and has 45° chamfered edges leading in to the USB sockets. It's super easy to plug things in to, and prints all in one piece. It's even designed with lighting in mind. If you print the first 1mm in black and the rest in a translucent plastic, you can add an LED and plastic rings around the ports will glow neatly.

  • 3D model format: STL



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