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No Nonsense Flashforge Creator Pro Tube Guide

3D model description

Looking for a simple, strong and effective FlashForge Pro Creator filament guide holder? You are in luck. This is a non nonsense replacement that is strong, allow you to position it any way you want and doesn't stand in the way when you work on your printer and need to remove the back pane.

I printed with PETG, 0.2mm no support. Other materials should work just find. Set your slicer of choice to have a strong part (top/bottom/shell layers, temperature, infill, etc).

Before installing this part, make sure your filament tube fits it nicely. If it's too loose or to tight, no worries, just heat the part gently with a hot air gun or hot water and push it gently the have the perfect fit.

To mount the part first remove the old holder and the 4 clips (unscrew the four screw, cut the zip ties and remove the 4 mounts). Then, use Scotch outdoor or extreme 1" tape line this one (an excellent product BTW, I use it all the time in my projects) apply to the back of the part and attach to the back of the printer at the position of your choice.

If needed, clean removal is possible. Slow pry the part out (e.g. using a 3D print removal tool) and clean any left overs with alcohol.

  • 3D model format: STL



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