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New way to fix a glass bed to a Creator Pro?

3D model description

I've tried many methods of attaching a glass bed to my Creator Pro and none has proved particularly successful. One method which has had the most success is using 11mm swiss clips. The drawback with these has been stopping these from pinging off in the absence of a mounting hole as they'd have on a frame.

So, I was thinking around the problem and came up with this. Attach two clips to the bed with springs to the centre HBP mounting screw.

It only needs two and works very well indeed. I used 8mm diameter springs. The loop at the clip end is stretched over the flange on the clip, above the platform and below the bed and then just looped over the pillar. It doesn't even need a nut to hold it as it's under tension.

When the clips are unclipped, they even retract themselves neatly atop the platform.

See my photos to how it's working.

I hope that this may prove helpful for others.

NB - Ignore the STL

  • 3D model format: STL



I am very much an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to designing. My designs tend to have two things in common

1) They serve a purpose. I like to design functional objects which have a real-world use. 3D printing for art is fine, but it's its real-world application which will take the technology forward
2) Wherever possible I design to be easy to print and try to eschew supports or complex printing; modifying the design where necessary and possible to achieve this.



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