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MK8 dual extruder for Prusa / Mendel

3D model description

Some time ago I created this dual extruder for my printer and I wanted to publish it so may more people out there have the possibility to enjoy it. The extruder uses two Nema motors. The fan ducts don't need any separate fan but instead they use the ones on the hot end's heat sink.

Although this was initially designed for Prusa i2, it can easily be adapted to Prusa i3 too.

I used PLA plastic 0.3 mm layer height and 20% honeycomb or rectilinear infill.

  • 3D file format: STL



I'm a former Romanian HW engineer and I recently moved to Papua New Guinea for a few years.
I used to be involved into hardware designing electronic modules for the automotive industry. Now I am working as a maintenance engineer for an aid organization and help with the development of the III-rd world countries.



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