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MK7 X Carrage for Prusa Mendel

3D model description

With this setup I am getting 158mm of Z axes hight. I also made a mod that moves the rear supports out 30mm to get this hight. I will post those files if anyone wants them.

3D printing settings

The assembly is pretty straight forward. Print both parts, sand the ends good so you get a smooth fit and use CA glue to join them togeter. Dont try to glue all the ends at the same time. Just glue one outside edge and then glue the other side. Then go back and glue the two inside pieces. The bearings are 623. Use a 1/8 drill to smooth out the holes. I leftholes on the outside so you could get a drill into the inner most holes that hold the top bearings. Because there is very little room, I also had to use my dremel to grind out a little bit the bolt head on the m3 socket head bolts that I used to install the four top bearings. This could be avoided by useing pan head bolts. I just didnt have any laying around. I also used the 1/8 drill to make the 4 outside holes a little long so that I could move the bearing in just a little as to make for a nice snug fit on the 8mm shafts. It didnt take much. I left the point for attaching the belt pretty generic because I know that people are using many differant belts. I just drilled a hole in each end and pushed the belt through from the bottom and then clamped it down with a left over piece of plastic and a m3 bolt. Ive attached the sketch up files if anyone would like to make those or any other changes.
This thing works very smooth.
Just cut of the mounting plate that came with your MK7 so that it is the same width as the carrage, (80mm). Then use two bolts to screw it to the carrage.

  • 3D file format: STL





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