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Mini Wirelessly Powered Tesla Desk Lamp

3D model description

This is a ~1/4 scale, functioning model of the Wirelessly Powered Tesla Desk Lamp.

A mini one!

I wanted to create a wireless lamp that more people would be able to print with smaller printers.

This runs a motorcycle tail light (Sylvania 90, 12V, ~6W). I chose this bulb because of it's size and voltage requirement and I had some lying around. It would probably work better with a 6V bulb but I didn't have any.

Resonant Frequency: 6.5MHz

Spiral Inductor: ~0.1uH.

Overal Dimensions: 2.3" x 2.3" x 3"

Designed by David Choi

3D printing settings

The coils are made with 1/8" copper tubing you can buy online or at any auto parts store.

I used (2) 3.3nF caps in parallel (6.6nF) to resonate at ~6.5MHz

The coil receives power wirelessly from the table (transmitter in its underside)

It works best with a repeater due to it's small size.

The Sylvania 90 bulb is directly wired to the outer coil with 22ga copper enameled wire.

  • 3D file format: STL





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