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Mini Space Invaders Carriage (Eustathios)

3D model description

This is a redesign of the Space Invaders Carriage for Eustathios printers. The main reason of the redesign was to make it smaller to increase usable build volume. Here's some of the changes:
* smaller size, XY travel is about 290mm² (still less than the original carriage)
* self-aligning bushings instead of graphite bushings (they use up less space)
* 40mm extruder fan instead of a 30mm fan (less noise)
* no longer supports mounting a direct drive bondtech

Like the previous version, it is convertible between a bowden configuration and a direct drive configuration using a Printrbot Gear Head extruder. But, instead of switching, I opted for a flying extruder with a short bowden tube (more about that setup in this post). The hotend is mounted quite a bit higher than with the stock Eustathios build, so the bed probably won't reach the nozzle with the standard configuration (should work with the ballscrew bed mounts).

* 2 - 5015 Radial Fans* - link to 24V version, you may need a 12V version depending on your power supply
* 4 - 5x5mm magnets* - for mounting the cooling duct
* 2 - 2W 12V LED modules* - wired in series or parallel depending on your power supply
* 1 - 40mm fan - 12 or 24V depending on your power supply
* 6 - Brass M3 Press Fit Inserts
* 4 - Self-aligning bushing (8mm or 10mm)
* Assorted M3 Screws

-- Eustathios

-- Atomic Glow in the Dark PETG
-- IAP Clear ABS

*affiliate links

  • 3D file format: STEP and STL





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