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Filter mask (Covid 19)

3D model description

In order to participate in the war effort and offer my skills to those who are directly confronted with the risk, I designed and modeled this filtering mask. Even if it does not strictly comply with the FFP2 or FFP3 standards, it allows to limit contamination.

It is designed for 3D printing in order to make it deployable by all those equipped with a printer and wishing to help.the model is open source and free.

Model available on my site and Cults3D :

Simply add elastic straps (or not) and one or more fabric discs (or filter).

Hopefully, this will contribute to the end of the pandemic.

Don't hesitate to give me feedback on the printing or the system, I'm waiting to see your productions!

Modeling under Zbrush Core then 3D Rhinoceros.

3D printing settings

General Setting :

  • 3 lower layers

  • 3 top layers

  • 2 contour shells

  • Filling 10% min.

Filter Mask A :

  • no support

Filter Mask B :

  • support from 45-50° inclination
  • 3D file format: STL



French Designer/illustrator/3dprinter.
More exciting to create model to print than just print so be creative ;)
If you print some of my creations, please make me know and tag me on insta with the account @designandmore3D !



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Bonjour à vous,

Le modèle A et B correspondent aux deux fichiers d'impression séparés. Le modèle A comprend le bouchon et la grille tandis que le modèle B comprend le masque (qui nécessite des supports d'impression).
J'espère que mon message vous aura éclairé.

Je reste à votre disposition,

Merci et bon courage !

merci beacoup for votre creation, mais j'ai une question.
Dans la description, vous parlez de deux masks filtrant, A et B, mais je voix seulément un model dans le site.

S'il vous plait, pouvez-vous espliciter dans la description de photos, quel sont du model A et quels sont du model B?

Merci beaucoup