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Makerfarm Prusa i3v one tool leveling bracket

3D model description

Adding this thing to the corners of your Makerfarm's Prusa I3v hotbed simplifies the hotbed leveling. It prevents the lock nut from rotating so you can use one hand for the hex wrench and the other to check the height with your shim of choice.

It was designed after the "Makerfarm Prusa i3v one tool bed adjustment bracket" thing #342265 but comes with a parametric OpenScad source file so you can tweak the dimensions to fit your machine and printing process.

I printed mine from PLA (the corners do not get hot anyway), 0.2mm layer height and no support (but slow 10mm/s bridge speed). When you install it, remove the screw first to reduce stress on the thing.

If the part does not fit your machine, tweak in the scad file parameters such as the hex nut hold size, the opening angle of the two side walls or the radius of the hotbed ears.

This little part makes bed leveling a breeze.

  • 3D file format: STL



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